Workshop: Iron Age Forging

Monday 5th August

As part of our Celts are Coming weekend, Thomas Timbrell of Big Benyon Blacksmithing will be delivering a 1 day Celtic Ring knife workshop.

This workshop involves forging your own Celtic Ring knife on a charcoal forge using bellows, hammers and equipment available in Iron Age Britain. It will give an introduction to the world of ironworking and an appreciation of the skills of our ancient ancestors. 

Once forged, you will learn how to harden and sharpen the knife using traditional techniques such as hammer sharpening and give you tips for maintaining knives. This will be achieved by participants taking turns to pump the bellows and manage the fire while others forge their knife with the guidance of their own Iron Age Blacksmith.  Participants can keep everything they make. 

This course should appeal to anyone interested in the Iron Age, getting an introduction to blacksmithing, survival skills, bushcraft etc. 

Course times:  10.00 to 16.00.

Cost: £90.00 per person 

For all enquiries or to book, please contact Thomas direct at  

Minimum number 2 - Maximum number 4.

Participants must be 18 and over.  

No previous experience necessary.

Please bring your own lunch. 

* Participants must wear only natural clothing - wool/cotton preferred, no synthetics.  Participants will need to bring safety shoes/hard footwear - steel toes are recommended. 



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