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The Centre is now closed for winter maintenance.  

Please keep an eye on this page for our 2019 opening date. 

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported us during 2018

We're looking forward to seeing you all again in 2019

The 2019 Crannog Community 


Popular Books & Articles


The Crannogs of Scotland: an Underwater Archaeology. Dixon, T. N. Tempus. 2004


The Crannogs of Perthshire. Dixon, T N. Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust. 2009.


Ancient Scottish Lake-Dwellings or Crannogs. Munro, R. Edinburgh. 1882.

  A Survey of Crannogs in Loch Tay

Prehistoric Woodland in Loch Tay


Radiocarbon Dating of the Crannogs of Loch Tay


 Loch Tay Sidescan Survey


Carpow in Context: A Late Bronze Age Logboat from the Tay. Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust. 2011.


The Carpow Logboat: A Bronze Age Vessel Brought to Life. Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust. 2011.





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