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Each year we offer a new events programme designed to stimulate interest from local residents as well as visitors, and to broaden the use of the Crannog, which provides an excellent venue for a wide range of activities under the banner of education and cultural tourism. The events are linked or inspired by ancient traditions, or based on discoveries underwater during crannog investigations in Loch Tay. They include experimental archaeology projects, music, ancient technologies, and traditional crafts.



15th June 2014

Lotions & Potions from Plants

All kinds of healing oils, ointments, tinctures and infusions made from native plants. Exhibit and Demonstrations with Rejane Vannier.


6th August, 2014

Iron Age Textiles & Fashion Show


Exhibits and Hands On Demonstrations of spinning, weaving, sprang, and the latest in Iron Age fashion.




14th September, 2014

Prehistoric Weaponry


Exhibits and demonstrations of metalworking including pouring molten bronze into sand moulds to make replica ancient weapons. Also, try your target practice with simple longbows.

21st June, 2014

Midsummer Music Festival 8-11pm

Join us in the Crannog around the fire in the country's most intimate venue for a fabulous night of Scottish folk music featuring Tarmachan, Cheyenne Brown, and Ewan MacPherson (of Shooglenifty and more). All tickets must be booked in advance. Adults £12. Complimentary dram and other beverages provided along with Crannog cake. Coffee & teas available to purchase. Call or email to book. Details here.



20th August, 2014

Lughnasa: Summer Harvest Festival


Exhibits and demonstrations of ancient farming practices. Celebrate this traditional festival with floral garlands and ceremonial loaves baked in our authentic clay ovens.


12th October 2014

Fruit & Fungi Festival

9th July 2014

Bronze-Age Metalworking

11am - 4pm

Exhibits and Demonstrations of casting replica Bronze Age objects such as daggers, torcs and axeheads.


17th July 2014

Iron Age Gourmet


Join us for wild boar bangers, stews, brews, foraged greens, butter & cheese making and creative Iron Age cooking.







31st October, 2014

Spooks & Sacrifice

Meet the Ancestors

Celtic Samhain Festival

For a full diary of events planned at the Crannog Centre please consult our seasonal events calendar below:

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